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SEED Dixie eMarketing Award

by Aubrey Terrill
September 22, 2011 – 2:20 pm

We are pleased to announce the creation of the SEED Dixie eMarketing Award!

The award will be given to two Washington County Businesses. A local businessperson has donated the funds to provide $5000 each to two local companies that propose an eMarketing campaign that will deploy a variety of methods to help them expand their customer base.

The SEED Dixie eMarketing Award aligns with the objective of SEED Dixie and USTAR, whose mission is to help create high paying jobs in Washington County. We expect this award to serve as that little push that a business needs to propel it to the next level. Tactics to be deployed may include: social marketing, web site development, SEO management, video, or others. Projects using a variety of these projects will be most successful.

The companies may be start up or existing enterprises. While the company does not need to be a technology business, the marketing methods proposed must use technology. Point preference will be given to companies with potential customers outside of Washington County.

Applicants must submit an application along with a cover letter explaining the company’s history, strategy and methods.

Applications MUST be received by October 25, 2011.

What you agree to as an applicant

  1. Complete a one page business plan (sample included) with a cover letter explaining the strategy and methods to be deployed and the use of funds to meet a certain milestone.
  2. Be physically located in Washington County and agree to remain in Washington County for 3 years or forfeit amount of the award back to the SEED Fund.
  3. Have the development work completed by a qualified local firm or firms. Award checks will be payable to both the company and the firm to provide an audit trail and accountability. The firm must be experienced and pre-qualified by the Dixie Business Alliance. Firm must agree to negotiated development fees.
  4. Must allow SEED Dixie/USTAR to track progress and results of the development at regular intervals during for the first two year period after the award.
  5. Sign a contract including all of the above.

How do I apply?

To apply, Complete the Application and cover letter as directed and return to as an attachment via e-mail.

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